How to Prepare Quick Desserts With Vanilla Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream

The simplicity and softness of vanilla ice cream has made it one of the most popular alternatives to those who enjoy making unique recipes for creative and refreshing desserts. Since ice cream first appeared, vanilla has remained present to fill our palate with sweetness, and it continues to be used in the most sophisticated culinary desserts.

There are plenty of ways you can mix this great flavor, and an endless list of ingredients that will help you intensify its taste, make it more appealing and even make it more sensual. So, where do you start? Put your imagination at ease and do not hesitate to try one of these options!

The Classic Dessert That You Will Always Crave

Who hasn’t enjoyed a classic, delicious Banana Split? The preparation is simpler than you think and, best of all, you have the freedom to add your own ingredients to make it more fun. Go for it! Cut the bananas lengthwise and place them in the bowl where you will present the dessert. Use vanilla ice cream scoops or, if you prefer, add other flavors such as chocolate and strawberry. Finally, add whipped cream, cherries and chocolate syrup.

A Unique and Refreshing Alternative

Vanilla ice cream cake is the perfect dessert to combine citrus and sweet ingredients alike. Besides being refreshing, you have the opportunity to add as many flavors as you wish. But how do you prepare it? Crush chocolate chip cookies and mix well with melted margarine until you get a paste, and place the mixture on the bottom of a non-stick pan. Pour one cup of melted chocolate over the crushed cookies and let cool for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the chocolate has hardened, add scoops of the melted vanilla ice cream so that all components are better integrated. Place the cake in the freezer and, once ready, decorate with pieces of fruit and chocolate syrup.

Variety in One Dessert

Combining a sponge cake with ice cream is another great option if you want to enjoy trying something that is not only delicious, but also combines unique textures. To do this, you can cut a traditional sheet cake in three parts and place one, which serves as a base, on the bottom of a cake pan.

Add a layer of dulce de leche, chocolate chips and a thick layer of ice cream. You can choose vanilla flavor to make the whole dessert or to alternate the flavors for each layer. Decorate with chocolate chips, syrup, chopped strawberries and enjoy this great dessert!

Vanilla Ice Cream With Fruit Cocktail

Highlight the sweetness of an ice cream by using fruits! It is a classic, refreshing and nutritious way to give our palate a unique recipe to enjoy. On a plate, place a generous amount fruit cocktail making sure not to incorporate the syrup. Add fresh fruit along the edges, and add ice cream scoops with some whipped cream. To finish it off, sprinkle chocolate syrup and enjoy!

Explore Delicious Flavors That Make You Live Unique Experiences

We know how much you love to combine the classic vanilla sweetness with your favorite ingredients. But, if you want to give your palate the most exotic options, Ceasar’s Ice Cream offers you the homemade flavor of ice cream made from 100% natural fruit pulp. With just one bite, we can recreate the sensation of walking among the most spectacular tropical islands. Fill yourself with the refreshing energy of our coconut ice cream or the juicy sweetness of strawberry. Pure and addictive flavors are waiting for you!

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