Lucuma Ice Cream in the USA

Lucuma ice cream

Wouldn’t you like a creamy Lucuma ice cream? Remember the warm summers on the beach, or playing outside in the neighborhood and suddenly seeing that famous ice cream cart filled with a variety of delicious flavors?

Lucuma ice cream was always my favorite; especially when I would hear Donofrio honking their horns on the streets of Peru selling their popular ice creams. Even though I won’t find their ice cream carts in the United States, at least I have the satisfaction of being able to enjoy a rich and creamy Lucuma treat from Ceasar’s Ice Cream. It’s not just any ice cream, though. Ceasar’s homemade style Lucuma ice cream is made with 100% pure Lucuma pulp which adds an authentic taste and creamy texture. It’s much more like a gourmet ice cream rather than an ordinary commercial ice cream at the store.

For Peruvians, and all those who enjoy ceviche, lomo saltado, papa a la huancaina and even a flavorful chifa, eating Lucuma ice cream for dessert is almost a rule when visiting any Peruvian restaurant. Luckily for those who like to cook at home, you can also find Ceasar’s 1 liter Lucuma ice cream sold in various Latin American supermarkets.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by one of these locations, and bring back old childhood memories with a sweet and creamy Lucuma ice cream.

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